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Requested Advice – #Equality #Autism

Published December 22, 2012 by mandzmagee

The Situation –

My first piece of requested advice (yay!) has been from a respite carer based in America who has been caring for a 7 year old Autistic lad for four months.  Her problem is that while out and about the little boy has very openly and matter of factly pointed out the differences of other people, it hasn’t mattered on the situation, colour, ability, disability, walking aids, wheelchairs, you name it as soon as a difference is noted the little boy feels that he has to comment on it.  With it not being visible that the little boy himself has Autism the carer has faced verbal assaults, disgusted and judgemental comments and facial expressions, being judged and labelled because she “hasn’t brought up her son properly”.  The family have tried talking to the little boy about how he’s making others feel by doing it, he doesn’t understand or remember this and continues to do it.

Personally I’ve never come across this situation, well, the judgemental people towards my parenting and looks I have but it’s always stemmed from public meltdowns or overly loud screaming etc. it’s never been because of comments about others.  So any advice that someone may be able to offer would be greatly received!!

My Suggestion – 

The way that I would gear Theo up to acceptance of others, if he wasn’t obsessed with the program already, would be to let him watch “Something Special”.  The program is shown on a BBC channel called Cbeebies, which is aimed at children with development delays.  They include the use of Makaton signing (for visual learners), show clips of children with various disabilities and difficulties, cover situations that can seem terrifying to children like the doctors, dentists, hairdressers etc.  Lots of the program is directed to children through song which helps to keep their interest too.  I hope that you’re able to view the video but if you’re not able too try searching to see if there is any that are viewable out of the UK (Damned licensing laws!).  If you are finding these clips available to view there are loads of them on there, plenty of viewing if the little boy will tolerate it!!

Failing that perhaps your SALT could suggest visual books that would be appropriate?

I genuinely believe that the more common and normal it is that children with or without ASD see people with differences the more that differences are accepted!  I hope this helps and I hope that other people come forwards with their suggestions!



Published October 15, 2012 by mandzmagee

I’ve come across a fantastic website run by volunteers which passes on messages and support to Great Britain’s armed forces who are serving throughout the world.

I think this is a fantastic idea, two minutes of our time can boost the confidence and morale of someone thousands of miles away that’s serving on the front line! We’ll never be able to imagine the losses that they’ve suffered, the sights that they’ve had to endure, the loneliness of being away from loved ones. Some of the guys n gals won’t even have loved ones that can write to them so you can imagine how much of a boost that message/mail would be to them!

Have a look at the site and either drop them a message or an email – make the day of someone who’s keeping Great Britain great!

Jim’ll Fix It – But At What Cost?

Published October 13, 2012 by mandzmagee

I’ve started and restarted this blog a hundred times over the past week and I still don’t know what all I want to say – So here’s my ramblings on the subject!


Sir Jimmy Savile OBE KCSG born October 1926, once looked upon as a selfless fundraiser for charity, a brilliant DJ and Music TV presenter, a man who brought children’s dreams to life between 1975 and 1994 with his television program “Jim’ll Fix It”.  Over the years he’s also been affiliated with many hospitals across England in one way or another.  He died in October 2011.

This man (I use the term very loosely) as I said has been fundraising, awareness raising and supporting a number of different charities and awareness raising campaigns.  However behind all the hype infront of the screens a very different story was being played out away from the camera’s which the fool genuinely believed would never come to light.

For a man who claimed to state “I hate children”, I’ve never actually understood why he was put into the position of giving to children and young people the chance of actually carrying out the one thing they wanted to do in their dreams.  Wasn’t Terry Wogan or Noel Edmonds avaliable?

As far as I can make out there wasn’t any complaints raised about Savile’s conduct towards young people and vulnerable people until the early 00’s.  However these complaints dated back to the 70’s.  The news report that I watched last reported that there was at least 40 cases of sexual abuse being investigated.

It makes me wonder how the man has gotten away with so much over such a massive timespan.  Wasn’t there anything before the victims came forth that indicated that there was something strange about the man, the way the victims were acting around him, about the speak of his name around them?

The feelings, nightmares and lives that the people involved have had to endure from that date until now will still never ever leave them until their dying day.  I can’t help but hope they realise that because they’ve made a stand, came forwards named the monster and told their stories, Each and everyone one is a survivor of what they endured, and they’re no longer victims of something that’s been brushed over and hidden because of the person who has caused it!

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