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Time for change Mr President? – #Connecticut School Massacre

Published December 14, 2012 by mandzmagee

March 1996 a little town called Dunblane in Scotland, 43 year old Thomas Hamilton entered into Dunblane Primary School armed with four hand guns and went on to massacre 16 children and their teacher. The gun law in Scotland was very quickly changed to make sure that private ownership of firearms was illegal and you needed to hold a license to be able to hold a gun.

Since that time there has been numerous public massacres in The United States of America where an abundant amount of innocent and vulnerable children and young people have either been injured or worse. Why does the government of that country not learn from experiences that have been forced upon others and help make the security of their Young People tighter and more reassuring for the parents. Far too many lives have been cut short, yet no changes have been made?

Today a suspected 20 year old gunman dressed in combat gear, went into a school in Connecticut 60 miles away from New York allegedly brandishing a 2.23 bush master riffle and two hand guns  going on to shoot dead twenty children and seven adults, it’s been reported that he took his life after the shootings however I’m not sure if his body is within that count.

I put to President Obama, isn’t it about time that you stood up to the minority of the country that wish to keep their freedom to hold a weapon?  Isn’t it time that a tougher procedure was being put into place for people to legally be able to own a weapon?  Isn’t it time that these victims that have had their lives cut short make a difference to change those laws for the future generations of children growing up in the United States of America are better protected by their own country people?

If the President see’s fit to send the countries military over to another country because of terrorism, why is he allowing his own country people to easily access arms, easily train how to use the weapons, easily gain access to ammunition for the weapons?  If you’re wanting to send your armed forces over to another country to try and stamp out people being trained to fight – shouldn’t you have the same idealism for your own country first?

President Obama – You were voted to stay as President, this is the time where you need to break the ease for these home grown killers and put blocks to help prevent so much more heart ache and loss for families, help prevent even more people leaving this earth far too soon!!

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