Hello my friends … It’s been a while!!

Published November 7, 2013 by mandzmagee

After a lonnnnnnnng time away I figured that I wanted to blog again … so I’m back friends!  (Also of course … Friends to be!)

As it’s been literally months since I last blogged here’s an update on our life!!  I won’t go into detail here however as I’ll probably blog about most of it along the way!!  

  • Ali’s into his final year at school … College next year!!
  • Theo’s started his Secondary School at a school just as amazing as his primary school!!
  • Faith’s 6th birthday and anniversary has just passed
  • Stu and I are beginning to plan our wedding!!  (Nervous muchly!!)
  • We’ve just passed an incredibly anxiety heightening and petrifying Hallowe’en and Guy Fawkes for Theo
  • Alex is beginning to prove that he has actually walked this earth before with how phenomenally good he’s doing at his English Literature!
  • I’m nearly finished my Xmas shopping!!  (Getting earlier and earlier each year yay!) 

So as you can see there’s been high’s n lows along the way however as I said I’ll go into detail soon 😀  


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