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#LagansFoundation – #Health

Published December 12, 2012 by mandzmagee

I’ve came across a wonderful site that I wanted to share with you. There is a fantastic National Charity called Lagan’s Foundation that is providing support and care to families with children aged below 5 years old that have been diagnosed with acquired or Congenital Heart Defects or feeding difficulties.
They brought to my attention a video of a news article that shows the work that they’re committed too and I thought I’d share it with you’s!  Check it out here

Check out their website too and see if you can afford an invaluable donation towards their work!

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I return!

Published December 12, 2012 by mandzmagee

I have to apologise to not being around the past little while, I’ve had lots of changes in my life and by goodness some of them have been challenging!!

The loss of my dear Uncle has to be the worst one.  We’ve been aware for a long time that his days were being counted and to be fair he lasted a hell of a lot longer than we thought he actually would but it doesn’t take away the pain when he actually went.  My Uncle Bill was a sufferer of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, with a lot of connected issues to go hand in hand with it.  I returned home to Dumfries to give my support to my cousin’s and Aunt who are deeply missing him and attend his funeral to say goodbye for the final time.

This made me realise that the main reason that I keep going back home is to attend funerals, in 2012 I’ve returned for 3 alone and two of them have been family members that I’ve not seen much since moving to Newcastle – in respect of that one of my New Year resolutions is going to be making more of an effort to return home more often to spend time with family and friends!

Theo’s hit a new stage in his life!  His new word of the moment is “No” and if things aren’t going his way along with that word it’s like meltdown central!!  Very stressful, for everyone concerned!!  It’s his Christmas Play at school next week however so he seems to be concentrating on that for the time being … here’s hoping that it doesn’t make him worse when he see’s the crowd of parents and loved ones of all the children when he’s got to get on stage to perform!!

Ali’s decided that he’s wanting to become a carpenter!  Which would be fantastic if my back garden didn’t look as if it was a scrap yard for random wood that he’s scavenged while he’s out and about!!  I’m going to see if I can get him a shed to keep it all in … either that or he could build himself one!!

I’m currently trying to decide what I’m getting the kids for Christmas!!  I’ve managed to get everyone else done and out of the way but my kids are proving to be a much more harder task!!  They’re all after more stuff than what exists in the Argos catalogue and Toys’R’Us combined but deciding what they’d actually enjoy the most and make the most out of is proving difficult!  Next week I’m taking one day and going intensive shopping!  Here’s hoping that I’m able to get everything for them on that day because I’m not risking it on another haha!!  It’s getting too close to the busy day’s for my liking!! lol.

Anyway!  I shall be posting up new more regular blogs again!  You’ve officially been warned haha!!  Anything you’re wanting covered – as always – Let me know and I’ll do my best!!

Thanks for reading!

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