Toilet Training A Toddler With Development Delays

Published October 19, 2012 by mandzmagee

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I’d already been through the whole toilet training process with Theo’s older brother Alisdair four years before hand, which had been an experience to say the least! This time round I was absolutely terrified of toilet training as I’d only had Theo diagnosed with Classic Childhood Autism when he was two and a half. I was still coming to terms with the ins and outs of the disorder and we were at least nine months to a year behind all the other toddlers at the Baby and Toddler Group that we went too.

Theo really wasn’t into social settings, to be honest neither was I with the Baby and Toddler Group. I was so jealous of all of these mothers bragging about how well their children were developing, the words they were beginning to put together but most of all how they’d managed to go several days without any accidents at night. The more I listened to them week after week the more the realisation was setting in with me that with Theo’s delayed progress he was yet again going to have his Autism completely standing out to other people and singling him out for people to be talking about him being so different.

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