#AprilJones – What will make a difference?!

Published October 6, 2012 by mandzmagee

The past week the UK has been watching the terrifying story of poor little April Jones, a five year old child from Bryn-y-Gog estate in Machynlleth, Wales, Mid Wales who was last seen Monday 1st October 2012.

April had been seen getting into a van by other children she had been playing with. She showed no signs of struggling so surely it had to be someone who was familiar to her? This however doesn’t come as a surprise to me as she lived in a close knit small village – Having grown up in one myself else where I know that everyone is familiar to everyone, it’s easily assumed that everyone is a friend to someone so young and innocent.

Family, friends and volunteers since that day have been selflessly giving their time to raise awareness and find this beautiful little girl. They’ve all been endlessly out and about enduring the weather and dark nights never once giving up hope that they’d be able to return April to her family who have been torn to pieces awaiting her return. The online volunteers who have been devoting their time to share April’s story and make sure that not one person online can say that they hadn’t heard of the search, sharing pictures that make the outer communities aware that if they see this little girl to contact the police to return her to normality and safety. Everyone’s input has been essentially important no matter how big or how small it’s actually been.

On Tuesday the police arrested 46 year old Mark Bidger, He owned a vehicle similar to the one that witnesses had described and he was taken in for questioning. It was also released that April’s health would be suffering as she suffers Cerebral Palsy and needed her medication.

By Thursday the police had organised teams of people and specialists scouring towns and villages within a 15 mile radius desperately scouring the areas. They’d received over 2,500 messages of information from people hoping that they’d be able to give something that might make a difference and bring this whole ordeal to an end. Unfortunately nothing helpful to the whereabouts of April was given.

This was also the day where the population in their masses began wearing, hanging, posting pictures of pink bows and ribbons to show how their thoughts and concerns were with April and her family.

Yesterday, Friday 5th October the police had to apply for more time to question Bridger which they were granted. However this is also the first day for the police to stop the night time searches.

This morning at first light the search teams including Police, Mountain Rescue and volunteers just to name a few, restarted the searches with specialists joining in and bringing specialist equipment.

Since Mark Bridger has been charged with child abduction, perverting the course of justice and murder with still no sign of April – the search is still going.

today I’ve been sat reading the timeline of the story over and I can’t help but wonder why the monsters that feel that it’s acceptable to commit these crimes aren’t deterred by the punishments that they’ll face. Is it time for us to be learning from the amount of monsters that commit these crimes to young and vulnerable people that the sentences that they’ll face aren’t hard enough to stop them committing these terrible crimes?

In my opinion the people that feel fit to take away peoples human rights have taken away their own human rights. They don’t deserve the right to be given accommodation, police protection, opportunities to learn qualifications, opportunities to serve their time then be given new identities then put back into the public communities to be given the chance to put another family through another needless, pain staking ordeal?

Is it not time that the British Government looked at the amount of money that they’re providing these monsters to live and put it to better use? They’d be much better giving people from communities in difficulty better services and education so that they’re leading an example to show that this behaviour isn’t tollerated or protected. Set an example to show the victims that they’re taken seriously and that they’re horrifying and heart breaking experiences aren’t going to be in vain and not rectified.

People may disagree with me, that’s completely their right, however isn’t it about time something was done to protect our innocents? Isn’t it about time that crimes that seem to be resurfacing more and more often have a bigger deterrent?

I genuinely hope that April is found quickly and the family receives the answers that they need. April find Faith and enjoy playing in the princess castles in the sky, shine down and keep your family strong!!


3 comments on “#AprilJones – What will make a difference?!

  • You’ve accepted she’s no longer alive ? Even though there’s no trace of her ? I can’t – i’m of a strong belief that where there’s no evidence before me then there’s always hope.. The police have charged him for abduction and murder – based on what ? They are happy to reveal who he is, his car, his house and his life history. Yet they won’t state what actually links him to the murder.. I read the little girl had a friend with her when she got into the vehicle & when suggested she didn’t get in she replied it’s ok i know him.. Did the other wee girl not know him ? If so she would have stated it was Mark.. I have heard in the past of the easiest option becoming police focus and they built their evidence around him.. Turned out the man was innocent.. This man may well indeed be guilty. But the way the police have went for him based on what they have revealed doesn’t seem enough for a murder charge.. First it was abduction, then when running out of time it became murder, now it’s both.. The family refuse to give up hope she’s alive. That to me says alot for their positive outlook.. I know if it was my child and the police were tellin me she’s dead i’d be saying well until you show me she is then i’m not having it.. I guess i want her to be alive and hiding somewhere just like Shannon Matthews awhile back.. I really hope the police have got it right.. Regards the law and punishment, life in jail is all we can do. Solicitors and police aren’t trustworthy enough to bring back hanging.. They’d be killing innocent people – look at the lady who was charged and jailed for killing her son. 11 years later she finally got acquitted.. Brutal ! Anyway – thoughts with April and hopefully some closure x x


    • I’m afraid that I do believe that they’ve charged him for murder for a reason. The police have their reasons in arresting him for this and they’ve obviously told the family or it’d not be in the public domain now. She maybe did and maybe didn’t know the guy, in small communities like I said everyone seems to know everyone. Where I grew up there was a girl the year above me abducted from the school at home time, she knew the person as “Dad’s friend”. However she’d only ever witnessed her dad say hello to him when he was buying the morning paper that morning. Nothing at all would make me happier if they find her alive and safe and well – unfortunately I do believe that the police give out this information based on facts and evidence tho.


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