#Autism – A few sensory things I’ve found that help

Published October 5, 2012 by mandzmagee

Theo’s Autism is an every day roller coaster, the slightest little things that knock him out of routine can have a massive and I mean MASSIVE impact on his day.  So I thought I’d post up a few things that I’ve found that have helped over the years that help him come down out of his melt downs!!

IKEA Swivel chair


Theo loved spinning to self soothe – there was only one problem – he hated people watching.  Even if we were in the room to help him, This chair was fantastic because he could hide himself away in his own little space where he couldn’t see people watching and if he was by his room on his own he was in a safe place to spin!  It was also good for if we had guests round and he didn’t want to face them, he could hide himself away with his books and just come out when he was prepared to face the world!  (Normally when he heard the biscuits being presented haha!).

Spacekraft Wiggle Cushion


This was a massive thing for Theo, we could never get him to sit at a table to eat a meal, sit with us at story time, sit still on a train or a bus however this helped to partially solve the problem.  Theo could sit and fidget on this as much a s he liked and get the movement that he needed to help him stay calm.  He still uses one at school to this day!!

Spacekraft Wiggly Giggly Ball 


This was the first way that we were able to get Theo to play with other children.  The ball has giggle tubes inside it where he was rewarded with a noise when he passed the ball to the other children, lots of happy giggles until the ball had to be put away!!

Asda Fit 4 Life Gym Ball  (We had another one from ebay however this is a good price and offer for more than one!)


Squashing, bouncing, throwing, kicking you name it we’ve done it for a multitude of reasons that have either been part of meltdown recovery or just plain and simple good fun!!  Theo loved this and I have to say – the squashing was always fun to hear the screams and giggles from him!!

Tumble Dryer Balls (You can also buy them in The Pound Shop)


Theo used to use these to self soothe by running them up and down his arms, he absolutely loved the feeling of it – I had to hide the ones I’d bought for the actual dryer!

This is just a round up of a few things that I could think of off the top of my head – If you’s have anything else that you might think that would benefit other people post it up with a link to the site where you can get them and we’ll see if we can put together good idea’s that may even help with stocking fillers for Xmas!!

Thanks again for reading!!  Xx


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