Holiday 2012

Published September 21, 2012 by mandzmagee

Holidaying in my family can be a bit of an ordeal at summer time.  Ali goes away his entire summer holiday to tour around Europe with his Dad’s side of the family (lucky little sod) and travelling with Theo can be a bit of a nightmare as he’s scared of certain noises – motorbikes, sometimes buses … Trains.

Of course neither Stu or I drive – yes I know – we’re like the only folks in the country – we’ve just never got round to it because we always spoil the kids.  We managed to book a chalet in a little place called Southerness in South West Scotland beside the sea!  When we lived in Dumfries we were never away from the place as it’s relatively handy and my cousin was always out and about in her car – so it was easily accessible.  Theo hadn’t been there in that long I didn’t know if he’d remember it tho, I was really worried about his train journey, new surroundings, break in routine, lack of his partners in crime being around (Bailey, Missie and Cat) all causing one massive meltdown and us having to come home.

Thankfully neither the journey or the newness to everything caused him any anxiety!!  I couldn’t believe our luck!!  We kept him for half the week and he spent the other half with my parents so that Stu and I could have our first holiday together with some child free time!!  Theo absolutely loved it!!  I was so impressed with how well he’d adapted to the place and how he’d changed his routine to be able to settle in and enjoy everything that we could offer him there.  We shall be going back!!  (When it’s warmer!!).

Here’s some pictures of where we were and Boy Wonder enjoying himself!!


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