Celebrities Matter!! Part 2

Published September 21, 2012 by mandzmagee

I’m over the moon that on the same day as I posted my blog about how celebrities in the public eye openly discriminating against others can have an adverse effect, Russell Brand has a program on BBC1 “Russell Brand:  From Addiction to Recovery”, highlighting my exact points amongst many other of his own.

The program has been interesting to watch and it’s so nice to see Russell speaking his mind to the people who are supposed to be helping the users on their road to recovery instead of letting them discriminate infront him.  Many others wouldn’t have the courage to have shared their views as confidently as him.

As I said in the previous blog – the cycles have to be broken – they’re passed along generation to generation, preconceptions from old to young.  Look into the addicts lives – see what took them to that path in their life and see if there’s any way that you can make a difference in the underlying issues.

I give my admiration to Russell for actually proving that people in the public eye will go out and do their bit to awareness raise, try to break the cycles.  Show the many sides of the story!!

Even if the program just opens one persons eyes to the seriousness of the issues of the program – it’s made a difference in one person!!  There may be one person that’s watched the show that’s decided that they’ve been inspired and empowered to make the change to try and battle their addiction – that’s one persons life saved!!  Try and catch the show on BBCi player to see what I mean.

Celebrity highlighting has proven to have worked!!  I’ve been inspired!!


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